About Us

The company «Green Agro Invest» was founded in 2012. Its main activity is the collection, processing and exporting of high-quality, fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products, as well as licorice roots - an important component used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, as well as in folk medicine.

The company has a modern land, capital, raw materials and logistical resources for the collection of high-quality products. The necessary conditions has been created not only for the collection of high-quality products, but also for their storage in separately designated warehouses, where has been taken into account the requirements of international standards for the storage, which allows to deliver environmentally friendly products to partners. The advantage of our company is the fact that we are direct producers of fruits and vegetables, and licorice roots, and we have one of the largest private plantation area of ​​over 1,200 hectares. on the territory of Uzbekistan, in particular in Karakalpakstan, where also operate warehouses and bases for cutting, processing and storage of products.

Due to the high quality of our products, low prices in comparison with other manufacturers, timely delivery and quality assurance of our work, as well as a business strategy based on the principles of mutual respect of interests and taking into account the opinions of partners in a short period of time we managed to take a leading position in the field of export in Uzbekistan.

A distinctive feature of our company is to supply only high quality and environmentally friendly products, to provide guaranteed services, with efficient and reasonable prices for the goods.

"Green Agro Invest"  LLC takes over the care of the delivery of its products to anywhere in the world at the request of customers, which is an additional convenience for partners.

Our company employs highly qualified professionals ready to provide the necessary logistical assistance to all customers on exported goods.